Payment methods International customers may pay directly to our account useing an

international bank transfer with their BIC and SWIFT codes. Alternatively, it is possible to pay via Paypal, all only in Euro!

Either way the information will be given to you as soon as we have agreed on the total amount for the work to be done.

All needed details will be sent to you after we have discussed the size and complexity of the project. Postage prices are subject to weight and size of the finished miniature or miniatures. The postage price will be added to the total amount at the end. Please also answer the three questions in your next Email:

Would you like to pay 30% or 50% as a down payment, rest when finished?

Would you like to pay per bank transfer / international bank transfer or Pay pal?

Would you like uninsured postage or fully insured postage?

Postage & delivery times All orders will be dispatched well packed and in secure boxes. At the same time, we will try to keep the prices for postage as low as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot give exact delivery times. As this depends on the delivery speed of the postage service in your own country Because after the package has been given to the delivery service we have no control over the item anymore. However, please allow up to 28 working days for your items to arrive, only after this time do they count as possibly “lost”.

Uninsured postage

Uninsured items are sent entirely at the buyer’s own risk! We can not be held responsible for loss or damage during transit. If you choose to pay with Pay pal the fully insured postage is manditory! tems payed via Pay pal will only be sent to the registered address by Pay pal, no exceptions.

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